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Reloadable prepaid debit cards for every day use. The program was created for the unbanked sector allowing them to receive salary payments without having a bank account. MG Cards have no contracts and allow their customers to swipe in store, shop online and withdraw cash from any ATM in South Africa.,

This project was designed and built to increase the number of prepaid card users.  I designed this project from the ground up.

Client: MG Cards

Project: Branding, Web Design, UI & UX

MG Prepaid

Safe, Simple, Easy way to Pay,

Get Paid & Withdraw Cash...

MG Prepaid can also be used by unbanked customers to spend and shop online, or for customers

who simply do not want to carry cash. With a MG Prepaid card, customers get access to direct deposits,

receive funds electronically and withdraw at ATM’s Nationwide.


Load up to R 25,000

ATM Daily R 5,000

POS Daily R 25,000

Online Daily R 25,000

MG Silver

Everything you Ever Wanted

in a Prepaid Debit Card

Our Payment and Payroll Solution will transform the way you make payments by issuing Prepaid Debit

Cards that is ready to bused right away. Pay Affiliates, staff, Unbaked Staff, Clients and any other office

Expenses. MG Silver gives the user spending power whilst enjoying the flexibility of a widely accepted


Load up to R 100,000

ATM Daily R 5,000

POS Daily R 25,000

Online Daily R 25,000

MG Black

The Most Exclusive

Prepaid Debit Card

Whether it's for business or pleasure, our Private Membership and Corporate Services are designed to

ensure that our Member's preferred level of assistance is tailored to their personal requirements.

Experience the highest calibre of personal service from your MG Black

Load up to R 2 m

ATM Daily R 25,000

POS Daily R 100,000

Online Daily R 100,000

MG Benefits

Enjoy Amazing MG Plus Benefits, Rewards, Travel Discounts, Retail and Lifestyle

Partners complementary with all MG Reloadable Prepaid Debit Cards













MG Pay

MG allows you to Access & Manage your Account anytime

at No Charge. Find Reload Locations, move Money & more

all from your Phone and Online


Share Wallet

with family & friends

Get Money

Withdrew cash

EFT Payments

Account & retailer

Send Money

Wallet or cash

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