Project Detials

MG Pay is a friendly mobile wallet app that was created for MG Prepaid Debit Cards to give prepaid card users an interface to

manage there prepaid debit cards. The idea here is to give unbanked people a Prepaid debit card with no commitment and all the

functional benefits without using a conventional bank. The app is loaded with partners for the clients convenience from data purchases

to prepaid electricity.  I designed and concept this app from the ground up.


Client: MG Pay

Project: Branding, UI & UX

Perfect Together

Link Prepaid Debit Card with MG Pay to manage your card,

Make online payment and get access to 100's of retail partners

Pay Online

Make instant online payments with MG Prepaid Debit card or Wallet

Send Money

Send money to friends and family with no bank account

Cash Withdrawal

Withdraw money at any ATM nationwide or from MG retail partner


Book Flights, Pay for accommodation,

Play online & shop at retail partners

Access & Manage

your MG Reloadable

Prepaid Card at no Charge

Everyday Reloadable

Prepaid Debit Card

Purchase your MG Reloadable Prepaid Debit Card in

your MG Pay App. Use your Prepaid card everywhere

in South Africa.

MG Pay Main Features

Pay anyone instantly using MG Pay Wallet or MG Prepaid Debit Card

Send and receive money with your MG Pay Wallet or MG Prepaid Debit Card

Shop online at any retailer or at MG Pay Partners

Recharge, Book Flights and play with MG Pay Partners

Withdraw cash form Wallet or Prepaid Debit Card at any ATM Nationwide

No Need for bank account

Colour Palette

R 0     G 34     B 74

R 35     G 114     B 225

R 128     G 128     B 128

R 51     G 51     B 51

R 225     G 225     B 225

Helvetica Neue

Helvetica 45 Light 02472

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